Off-Grid Solar Power System

An Off-grid Solar Power System consists of solar modules, batteries, charge controller, off-grid inverter and loads.

The battery is charged by the solar energy through the charge controller. The inverter converts the DC current from the battery into AC current to meet the needs of common AC appliances.


NOTE: More customized system solutions are available, please contact us for more information.



Areas lacking of energy.

Households, schools, health post & center, office, bank, etc.

Hybrid Solar Power System

In addition to a standard photovoltaic system, a hybrid system usually includes a diesel generator and/or public grid as complement. When the solar energy is not sufficient due to bad weather condition, the system will turn to the generator/public grid to maintain the normal function of the loads.

The hybrid system is more stable than the off-grid systems and could always cover the loads. Compared with generator, the hybrid system is more economic, more quiet and easier to maintain.

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