Company Profile

The Zhejiang Holley International Co., Ltd., as an integrator and solution provider of the photovoltaic technology and solar energy products and appliance, has been engaged in this industry since a decade ago.

The renewable energy has become a cutting-edge technology as the traditional fossil fuels are depleting little by little and meanwhile the demand of global energy consumption is growing bigger and bigger. People of a lot of countries are gradually realizing this situation and they started to implement the recyclable energy into the traditional power system. Taking advantage of such tendency, we began our business and so far, we are doing quite well.

We have experts in the R&D team and business administrative team, our staff is the first guarantee for the successful execution of projects and we have strong financial capability which is another key point of our competitiveness.

During the past years, we have gained experience and reputation by participating a lot of international projects. Our technology has become more mature and the confidence we have in ourselves grew stronger. Until now, we have our business in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and we are doing our best to enter into more markets.

We know that the photovoltaic technology is always changing, that’s why we never stop to provide the most advanced and economic products and solutions to our clients. We care about our clients’ needs, their costs and the stable performance of our products and our responsibility is to bring the most affordable solutions and products to our clients and make them benefit from the nature resources.


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