Time:[ 2017-01-10]

Zhejiang Holley International Co., Ltd. has signed contract with Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia-Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 4004 Solar Home Systems and 24 Institutional PVs with absolute advantage of technical and financial capacity after successfully implementation of off-grid solar power systems for 270 rural primary schools, solar power systems for 1409 rural health posts and health centers of Ethiopia and solar power systems for 1446 rural primary schools of Uganda.

Financed by Climate Resilience Green Economy Facility of Ethiopia toward the cost of Fast Track Project-Improving the livelihoods and life style of rural community of the emerging regional states through the dissemination of Solar energy technologies, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (Rural Electrification Fund) floated tender and signed contract with Holley International. The project covers 4004 homes and 24 Institutional organizations from four regions of Ethiopia while previous 1409 health posts and health centers covered eight regions and 5.54 million people are estimated to benefit from the project. 

Through cooperating with government organizations such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Public Procurement and Property Disposal Services, Ethiopian Electric Power, Ethiopian Electric Utility, Oromia Water and Energy Bureau, SNNNP Water and Energy Bureau and top private companies like ABC Trading and ACME Engineering, Holley is famous for high quality products and outstanding performance. Embassy of other Africa countries in Ethiopia expressed their willing to promote Holleys product will also help Holley to contribute more and more for African countries. 

World Energy Council Executive Assembly and World Energy Leaders Summit held in UNECA, Addis Ababa on 26-30 October, 2015 highlights Renewable energy plays a critical role in the climate resilient green economy development. Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity together with Ethiopian Electric Power, Ethiopian Electric Utility declare that Ethiopia aims to achieve middle-income status by 2025 while developing a climate-resilient green economy in collaboration with domestic and international partners. Holley International, as a reliable partner of Ethiopian government is also on the way to create a global long-lasting brand by taking social responsibility as much as possible.

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