The Holley International Ethiopia PV Project

Time:[ 2017-01-10]

The Holley International always holds a strong opinion that the New Energy Products are becoming the main stream in the near future, the Holley People are positive in the innovations, fearless facing the difficulties, all these characteristics helped us to prevail over the other competitors inwinning the project of installation of 1409 sets of PV systems in Ethiopia.

This project is among the other Assistance Projects promoted by the World Bank toAfrica, whose aim is to provide safe and reliable Solar Power to the Ethiopian hospitals and medical centers. Such assistance will give a firm support to the stable developing of the local health care.

The Holley International Project Department has carried out a scrupulous plan and a meticulous coordination, by teamwork, the most optimized program andthe most reasonable quotation, finally we were approved by the tenderee,standing out among the other bidders, awarded the tender and sign the contract.

The constant persistence on perfection of Holley International is so deep in our mind that the whole production and packing procedure were finished with the strictest control.

In order to catch up with the delivery schedule, our Project Department has devoted lots of diligent work, the most careful preparation, frequent coordinating the shipping company, elaborating the most possible plans, which finally make sure that the merchandise arrive intact to Ethiopia.

With the purpose of a safe, high-efficient, high-quality installation of the PV systems, the Project Department has come up with adelicate scheme and technical measures. The construction scene was carefully controlled, the quality was well ensured and the whole procedure was perfectly finished.

During the Ethiopia PV Project, the Holley International has taken acompetent role as the EPC, by efficiently coordinating the owners, the constructors and the supervisors, in a simultaneous way to push forward the whole project.

The successful accomplishment of the project has given an effective support to the Ethiopian basic health care, which incarnated the idea of the win-win of the self-value and the social service value held by Holley International.

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